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The 2nd Annual SigmaStrat Corporate Performance Improvement Summit (CPI 2013, 10th & 15th October 2013) seeks to provide the business community with powerful insights to boost leadership and improve performance by tackling people, processes and technology. The conference will entail Keynotes, Workshops, Networking and interactions designed to challenge our perspectives on continuous performance improvement in business. Whether it be shattering our beliefs regarding performance appraisals, understanding how to improve the systems of our organizations or learning how to manage guerrilla business techniques, you will find the answers at this event.

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We have developed the Summit to offer an intimate and interactive atmosphere where you can meet, interact with, and talk one-on-one to prospective clients and industry practitioners about your product and service offerings.

The Summit will bring together leading heads of business performance, change management, operational excellence, continuous improvement, six sigma and quality, and different perspectives from a variety of public and private sector performance improvement case studies. More than 40 organizations are expected to participate in this year’s event. The corporate and global setting will be well represented by the wide variety of business sectors in which our participants work.
It is a fact that, companies and individuals armed with the appropriate information will have a clear advantage over competition.
With over a 200 participants converging from the business world and from all over the nation, the summit is billed to equip participants with information, knowledge and resources needed to learn more about Corporate Continuous Performance Improvement. The Summit promises to be a Grande event.

At last year’s event a Foundation to Impact Revitalise and Expand (F.I.R.E) the frontiers of corporate performance was lit. Over the year, we saw participants keeping it ablaze. This year we promise to create the stage for a more intense flame.

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Previous speakers at our conferences

Chair Federal Improvement Team, USA

Scott Bonney

International Director, ISPI

Belia Nel

Author & Thought Leader

SC Puri

Former UN Performance Chief

Kofi Owusu Tieku

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CPI Summit

Who Should Attend

No matter where on the Performance Improvement & Change management table you sit, there is something for you at this conference.
Profiles of participants at the 2012 edition of CPI included:

·  Managing Directors
·  Chief Information Officers
·  Call Centre Managers
·  HR Managers
·  Business Improvement Managers
·  Deputy Directors

·  Heads of Institutions
·  Training Coordinators
·  HR Directors
·  Performance Improvement Advisors
·  Heads of Process Excellence

Participants were from MMDAs, Business Process Outsourcing companies, Process Improvement companies, Mining companies, Oil and Gas companies, Private consultancies, Building and Construction companies, Educational Institutions among others. This is a great opportunity to network, share experiences and go back will value for your time.


Bound for flight: Elevating organizational excellence using Lean Six Sigma

Performance Improvement continues to evolve. Six Sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints, Change Management; soft skills, technical skills, leadership skills... it's hard to know who to listen to or where to begin your own transformation journey. The answer is, right here! Join Enterprise Master Black Belt R. Scott Bonney as he walks through the core concepts of many of the most popular and successful performance improvement methods of the past several decades. Breaking down the confusing terms and with an eye toward the history of many of the "new" tools in our transformation arsenal, you will leave this presentation with a clearer understanding of what works, why it works, and renewed confidence that you can make it work in your own organization, from cubicle-land to the board room.

Making Organizational Change Work: Change Management for the entire workforce

Pay-for-performance, meaningful use, compliance, increased productivity, standardized organisational practices. These are all initiatives that need to happen at most organization in order to assure continued organizational success, and all of them involve an engaged and motivated team.

Linking Performance Management and Strategy Execution to Drive Business Improvement

Most organisations have performance objectives and measures, but they are often disconnected from the process of strategy implementation and review. This conference examines how to implement good strategy, how performance management systems - objectives, targets, measures and incentives   are a means to connect strategy with decisions and actions, and how to engage staff in times of change.

Strategic Planning: A common-sense, collaborative approach to integrated strategic deployment

Strategy is more than thinking about the big picture -- it's about translating the vision into action. The simpler and clearer the plan, the more quickly and effectively you can gain buy-in and begin breaking the constraints that stand between the as-is and the to-be. Master Black Belt R. Scott Bonney has facilitated strategic planning sessions for Agencies and Military Services across the United States Federal Government. Come and learn how to facilitate your own leadership team to quickly understand its core customers, products, and processes. Stop trying to fix everything. Identify the few critical constraints that impede your organization, and develop a plan to quantify and execute the most critical projects for immediate enterprise-wide results.

Return on Investment from Learning & Development Workshop

All other areas of an organisation are held directly responsible for making a direct and measureable contribution to the results of an organisation. Why should HR and Learning & Development be treated any differently? This is arguably, the last area of business not asked to provide a clear report showing Tangible and Intangible Benefits brought to the organisation and their contribution to meeting profit, performance, customer service and other Key Performance Area. The move from HR to Human Capital Management and the oft debated Strategic Role of HR form part of this debate. Find out how you are already using most of the mechanisms you need in your organisation and how to ensure that these can be identified, tracked, measured and reported on using existing terms used within the orgainisation at Board and Executive as well as at Management and Supervisory Level. Find out more about how adopting an ROI approach to Learning and Development can add to your bottom line.

Raising Leaders Rapidly in an Organisation

It is recognised that there is a growing shortage of talent available for promotion to Board and Executive Positions. Surveys show that up to 50% of Top Managers will be lost over the next 5-10 years. This turnover of Top Executives is also increasing as the average length of tenure shortens. Recruitment and both Golden Hello and Departure costs are increasing sharply as competition intensifies. This has created a Leadership Gap which at present, past approaches to leadership development shows no signs of filling. Alternatives exist however which help speed up as well as deepen the learning experience whilst at the same time bringing real time benefits and encouraging staff retention and improving the desirability of the organisation to new recruits giving an edge in the process from the start. Find out more by attending this session presented by Ricky Kujawa.

Cookie Fortune Story

Dear Change Agent,

Many conferences have come and gone. Some even promie to give you the world on a silver platter only to be disappointed to find nothing but PowerPoint presentations, theory and no new perspectives.”

I will be blunt and tell you what we are NOT going to have:

  • •  No buzzwords and jargon – Putting two buzzwords together does not make it a new idea.
  • •  No panels where people say “I don’t mean to repeat everything the first speaker said” and then do anyway.
  • •  No “best practices” from people whose only expertise is that they tried it a few months before you did.
  • •  Not to say a session is going to be interactive and then proceed to never ask a question or engage the audience.
  • •  Not to try to solve all of your problems or provide you with strategies from 30,000 feet.


So now that you know what we won’t do, you are probably wondering what we will do!

We guarantee that you will be provided with: new ideas with hands-on application, tailored to your specific issues from engaging experts who have gone through the mill, experienced and practiced what they say and can actually teach. As a ‘team development and performance improvement people’ we are passionate and obsessed over every detail of the experience. You bring an open heart and an open mind and we will take care of the rest.

Like one of our distinguished speakers at last year’s event, S.C. Puri said, “Conventions are the most effective way to learn business trends that help achieve business success”. I believe that there is no better way to learn than through interactive exercises, how-to discussions and interaction among your peers. That’s where we discover new opportunities and uncover different ways to think about how we operate.

The only thing holding us back from radically improving our performance is our beliefs about our work and our organizations. Once we have the ability to change those beliefs, a whole different world of opportunities becomes available.

Sliding to the next page…

In today’s ‘tablet’ parlance we adopt ‘sliding’ to the next page rather than flipping. Whenever times get tough, we tend to play the same old tunes: cutting travel, cutting the annual office parties, cutting fleet cars, cutting bonuses, using pencils instead of pens etc. You know the drill.

But why are we focusing on cutting costs in areas that have little consequence to our core operations and mission? On the other hand, why would we have to through money at every little problem we observe? Because we can’t see our systems of work.

And because we can’t see our systems, it’s even harder to measure, manage and improve them.

This event is all about challenging our perspectives on performance improvement in business. Whether it be shattering our beliefs regarding performance appraisals, understanding how to improve the systems of our organizations or learning how to manage guerrilla business techniques, you will find the answers at this event.

By interacting with our careful selection of experienced and excelling facilitators, thought leaders and business executives, we will provide you with an experience that is not only enlightening, but fun and enjoyable. Our number one goal is to help you succeed along your performance improvement journey.

At last year’s event a Foundation to Impact Revitalize and Expand the frontiers of Corporate performance was lit. Over the year, we saw participants keeping in ablaze. This year we promise to create the stage for a more intense flame.

CPI 2013… pushing the bar…delivering excellence!!

Welcome to the experience! We look forward to working with you on 10th October, 2013 in Accra-Ghana or 15th October 2013 in Nairobi-Kenya.

Among many individual participants at last year’s events, major organisations that were also represented include:

e-Services Africa Ltd


Goldfields Ghana Ltd

Cirrus Oil Ghana Ltd

Tullow Ghana Ltd

Mutual Health Insurance Scheme

Kossel Ghana Ltd

Consolidated Shipping agencies

Techcom visions Ltd

Greesjek Ltd

Ministry of Trade and Industry

Ministry of Defense

Holy Child College of Education

Architectural & Engineering Services Ltd

Bank of Africa

Christauros Ltd

Techcom Visions Ltd

MelTyd Ghana Ltd


This year, we look to have participants from a wider cross-section of industry to further consolidate continuous performance improvement in the African corporate setting.

When old processes demonstrate their limits…

When there is resistance to change…

When traditional management styles no longer work…

Come and learn what others don’t know yet…