Simply put, a strategy is a roadmap or “plan of attack” for achieving organizational goals-most notably creating shareholder value. While strategies take many forms-from market entry to competition and operations-and exist at virtually every level and area of an organization, success depends upon their cohesion with one another, alignment to market realities, and flexibility to external forces.

Whether entering a new market, improving competitiveness or restructuring operations, SigmaStrat supports and enables a wide range of strategic decisions including:
• Changes in the market landscape, from the entry of new competitors to eroding economics
• Expansion into adjacent markets or new geographies
• Translating a change in vision into concrete action
• Organizational alignment with market dynamics or a change in external strategy

The support we provide in these and other situations takes many forms, based on each client’s needs. While we are often asked to lead strategy formulation, we are just as often called on to provide more discrete inputs to the strategic planning process.
SigmaStrat understands that strategy is not a one-time exercise. Rather, it is something that must be continually revisited as industry dynamics evolve and new entrants emerge. We provide leading companies with both the validation and inspiration they need to develop strategies that will support long-term value creation and sustainable competitive advantage.