Our range of services is Executive Recruitment of Permanent staff, Outsourcing of Permanent staff and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

EXECUTIVE RECRUITMENT: We engage in Executive Search and Selection, specializing in mid to senior level placements of Top Talented individuals locally and internationally in various organizations and industries seeking the capable hands of Locals, Expatriates and Repatriates with in-depth understanding of how to achieve Return on Investment (ROI). SigmaStrat has several Executive Search Consultants specialized in recruiting in different disciplines including Engineering & Telecom, Health, Sales & Marketing, Human Capital, Information Technology and Accountancy, Finance & Banking.

HR OUTSOURCING: When you outsource your HR to us, we will ensure that the contracts of both national and expatriate employees are well managed to give you the flexibility and focus you need to concentrate on your core business. Even though these employees are needed to get the core businesses of organizations underway, it is often the case that resources and time needed to engage in productive commercial ventures of the companies are spent managing the employees – a distraction to any organizational endeavour, and lack of focus on strategic Human Resource issues. We therefore have an integral in-house system to manage all types of employees effectively.

We provide you with support in all HR activities. Taking over these employees is cost-effective for any company.

PAYROLL: We appreciate that setting up the local accounting office to support any operation requires a proper payroll system to ensure that there is no problem with administration of employee salaries to cause a destruction to business activities. We thus take charge of the administration of the payment of salaries of staff on behalf of our Clients. We also recognize the financial accounting dynamics of minimizing employees for the purpose of payroll adjustments to ensure a fair and realistic trading profit and loss account.

RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING (RPO): We provide Resourcing Consultants to assist new companies and companies expanding their scale of operation with placing job advertisements in newspapers & Magazines, Receiving and Administration of CVs where there is large volume of recruitment ongoing. They can engage in job design, effective interviewing to select the right people and various scopes of works related to setting up new teams and expanding existing teams by the client.